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Having a curved spine from scoliosis can affect you or your child’s ability to participate in activities and may even cause back pain. The skilled team at Total Orthopedics Spine and Sports Medicine, with offices in Englewood, Jersey City, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Bayonne, New Jersey, as well as the Castleton Corners area of Staten Island in New York City, offers corrective braces and surgeries to treat scoliosis if it doesn’t correct itself. If you suspect that you or your child has scoliosis, call your nearest office or book an appointment online today.

Scoliosis Q & A

What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of your spine. While a normal spine curves slightly inward on your lower back and outward on the upper half, a spine with scoliosis curves to the left or right side. This results in a C- or S-shaped curvature when viewing the spine from the back.

Most people with scoliosis get the diagnosis as children or teenagers. In many cases, you can outgrow the condition. However, in some severe cases, the abnormal curvature gets worse as you grow.

How can I tell if I have scoliosis?

You can’t always see the curvature of your spine from the outside, but there are a few other signs and irregularities you may notice. 

Signs of scoliosis include:

  • Uneven shoulder heights
  • Uneven hip heights
  • Asymmetrical shoulder blades
  • Leaning when you try to stand straight
  • Odd skin features over your spine (e.g. dimples, discoloration)

About 23% of patients feel pain or discomfort from their scoliosis in their back. If your back hurts and you have a scoliosis diagnosis, the team at Total Orthopedics Spine and Sports Medicine may order some tests to find out if another condition is causing your scoliosis.

Can scoliosis be corrected?

If the team determines that your or your child’s scoliosis is only a mild case, you may not need any treatment at all. They assess your scoliosis throughout growth and development. If it doesn’t go away with time, they may recommend:


The team at Total Orthopedics Spine and Sports Medicine may give you suggestions for exercises or physical therapy methods that you can do to realign your spine.


Braces are wearable devices to help your spine grow into a better aligned position. You wear your brace during the day and at night, and it won’t interfere with your daily activities or sleep.


Your provider may recommend one of several types of surgery for your scoliosis if it worsens over time. They connect bone grafts to your vertebrae with metal rods or wires that hold the spine straight as the bone fuses together. 

For children, they may install a metal rod that extends as they grow.

If you’re concerned that you or your child has an irregular spine due to scoliosis, don’t hesitate to call Total Orthopedics Spine and Sports Medicine or book a consultation online today.